Install instructions for 30 Amp shore power inlet (BM30S)






Tools Required for Installation

  • Cutting/Wire Stripping Pliers
  • Phillips Head Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
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*To prevent electrocution, disconnect shore power cord on both ends before beginning and turn power off

both the *boat and the *dock!


*Failure to comply with the following instructions could result in an electrical failure/fire or personal injury.


Installation instructions

  1. Remove old inlet’s four mounting screws and remove the inlet from the *boat. Image 1
  2. If the old inlet has a rear safety enclosure, loosen the strain relief clamp and remove.
  3. Loosen the screws on the side to disconnect the inlet from the *boats internal wiring and remove the old inlet. Image 2
  4. Examine the *boats internal wiring. Make sure the wire is in good condition, a clean and bright copper color. If necessary, cut back until clean wire is found.
  5. Test your new SmartPlug for proper fit and alignment of screw holes. (On some installations, you may have to modify the hole in your *boat to accept the new plug. Please use the enclosed rear mounting gasket as template if necessary. Image 4 or Click here for a printable mounting template.)
  6. Strip the wire insulation back 5/8”. Do not solder the ends of the wire.
  7. Place the rear mounting gasket included in the packaging on to the back of the inlet. Images 3 & 4
  8. Back off the wire terminal screw clamps on the back of the inlet housing. Twist bare copper wires into a tight and straight formation. Insert the bare wires into the corresponding color-coded terminals. Insert wire until insulation butts up against the plastic of the internal connection. Tighten the screw clamp after each wire is inserted. Make certain there is no insulation inside the terminal clamp. Image 5
    Green Screw-Green Wire (Ground)
    Black Screw- Black Wire (Hot)
    Silver Screw – White Wire (Neutral)
  9. Reposition the new SmartPlug inlet in the *boat and mount with the four screws from the old unit. Image 6
  10. Insert plug into the inlet and press down on the inlet cover to snap lock into place. Image 7



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    Inlet Installation Template
Image 6 Image 7      




*boatside / *boat - can refer to any supply side that may require power. *dockside / *dock - can refer to any applicable power source.